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Dec 27, 2012 11:00pm EST
community in particular. >> from "the amateur" you right by all accounts obama was elected to a job for which he has little relish. he doesn't find joy in being president. like richard nixon and jimmy carter he is an introvert and -- his own company to that of others. >> yes, it's a kind of an ironic that barack obama in public, when he makes public appearancappearanc s, comes across as a likeable, outgoing, up needs die. and we can see again and again that his likability quotient far out runs his polling numbers in job approval. so he is a liked person in public but that is his performance we are talking about as a public figure. in terms of his actual working in the governance, toward the governance of this country ,-com,-com ma again and again i learn from both republicans and democrats that he doesn't have the skill set as lyndon johnson had for instance, how to manipulate the levers of power in washington or ronald reagan who would get get together at the end of the day with tip o'neill, the democratic speaker of the house, have a drink with him, reminisce, tell jokes and then star
Dec 28, 2012 11:00pm EST
is they are doing precisely what the people who elected them wish to do, which is rollback obama initiatives to cut spending. a lot of them thought the debt ceiling should not be increased under any circumstances and to that degree feel like i was. they basically believe their job is to obstruct barack obama and once there is a republican president in place from the two pass this initiative secreted better business climate, more and more deregulation committee funding of programs that have never quite been near and dear to them. of course to flash forward a day, i suspect we'll talk about the debt ceiling fiasco of 2011. after that summer undertaken to the brink of a fiscal cliff, the thinking on the house republican leader ship is maybe a tea party freshmen will go homehome, get yelled at by constituents and realize maybe compromise is not such a bad thing. they went home and the people who put at town halls tend to be that this is their party and those people tend to be tea party and they said why did video? you said you would not under any circumstances raise the debt ceiling.
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2